Public Opinion Surveys

Opinion Research

You know your objective – but how will you navigate a fluid environment? We find the strategic intersection between your organization’s strengths, politicians’ pain threshold, and the voters’ priorities to develop a winning message plan that resonates with your targeted coalition.


We employ multiple statistical utilities to go deeper than simply providing topline data. Through crosstab and regression analysis, we cut through the data to determine what is driving public opinion. Our experience and knowledge of the issues as well as the statistical utilities at our disposal, allow us to show our clients where they stand as well as the clearest path to victory.


Our research consists of both benchmark and brushfire surveys to ensure we have both a baseline to direct the organization and the information to fine-tune campaign decisions.

Online AD Testing

Our platform neutral approach gives each campaign a customized solution that best meets their individual objectives.

Discussion Focus Groups

To truly master the most challenging issues, and how to navigate them, you need the fingertip feel that only focus groups can provide.

Perception Analyzer Dial Groups

Dial testing is the best way to uncover and correct problems with an ad. Are you sure the voters understand your ads? Do they “get” the finer copy points? Only one way to know for sure.